Nothing is more annoying than getting a notification from your internet provider that you are about to exceed your monthly data cap. Especially when you are in the middle of streaming your favorite show or downloading something important.
Below are 10 affordable internet providers that DO NOT come with Data Caps.

  1. Charter Spectrum – Spectrum does not enforce any data caps—but this may not be by choice. When the FCC approved the merger of Charter, Time Warner Cable, and Bright House into the single brand of Spectrum, it ruled that the new provider couldn’t charge overages or impose data caps for at least seven years. Although it may not last forever, that’s great news for consumers now.
  2. Frontier – Frontier doesn’t enforce any data caps. Customers are free to use their service without worrying about using it too much—no strings attached.
  3. Windstream – Windstream doesn’t have any data caps or usage limits in place. This is a refreshing stance in an industry that usually has fine print and hidden clauses.
  4. FairPoint
  5. Cincinnati Bell – Cincinnati Bell does NOT cap or limit the amount of data you can send or receive with your Internet service.
  6. Optimum – Optimum does not have data caps. The New York-based provider is part of a growing breed that doesn’t limit your data usage. The company does reserve the right to limit use that it considers “excessive,” which could include downloading unusually large numbers of files or other activities that might impact network performance in a negative way. For most users, though, it’s unlimited all the way.
  7. Google Fiber – Google Fiber offers gigabit downloads and uploads for $70 a month, without any monthly data caps. … The cap is 300GB a month with an option to pay $35 extra for unlimited data.




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