Spectrum On Demand provides access to thousands of movies and TV shows, including available programming from NBC, ABC, CBS and more. It also allows you to subscribe to premium channels, Video On Demand and Pay-Per-View, which includes movies, adult programs, special events, live concerts, stand-up comedy specials and more.
In order to access it, you need a Spectrum TV subscription or Spectrum Internet subscription to access On Demand. How and where you can watch On Demand TV Shows or Movies is also dependent on your Spectrum subscription. However Spectrum On Demand is not available in all areas and some programming requires that the respective channel or network is included in your Spectrum TV lineup or package.
You can manage access permissions for On Demand content by creating a Parental Control and/or Purchase PIN. A Parental Control PIN allows you to block specific channels and programming based on TV or movie ratings. A Purchase PIN allows you to restrict On Demand or Pay-Per-View purchases. On Demand and Pay-Per-View prices vary. Your on-screen guide will display the prices of different programs.
You can track Pay-Per-View charges billed to your account by following these steps:

  1. Sign in to Spectrum.net with a Head of Household or Administrator username.
  2. Select the Menu icon in the upper left hand corner of the page and choose Manage Account. Then select Billing.
  3. Scroll down to the Recent Transactions section and select the plus (+) sign to expand.

On Demand recent activity will appear within 24 hours. Any associated charges will appear on your billing statement within two billing cycles under the header One-Time Charges. They will display the title, the date ordered and the fee. Some adult content titles will be labeled as Private Title, but will still have the date ordered and associated charges under the One-Time Charges section of your bill.



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