The ongoing drama between Charter New York state‚Äôs Public Service Commission in an attempt to revoke the PSC’s decision for charter to leave New York is now in its eighth month and if finally looks like both company’s are about to reach common ground. Charter and the PSC are almost in a deal to allow the cable TV and internet service provider to remain in the state of New York.
In July last year, the PSC ordered Charter to end its servicing in New York due to failure to deliver the promise of building out broadband access in rural regions of New York. The promise was part of the terms that came with New York’s approval of the Charter – Time Warner cable merger in 2016. Although Charter has insisted that it will push through with its promise the PSC thought different and revoked its approval of the merger.
The PSC extended the due date for Charter provide a plan to exit the state of New York after initially giving the cable company 60 days to find its replacement without disrupting customer services. The PSC’s decision to revoke its approvals is seen as unusual by many.

With the new deal that is in talks, Charter would get to stay and New York could squeeze out a penalty or mandate to expand broadband to more homes, making it a win-win for both parties.



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