If you are looking for cheap internet, there are a few factors to put into consideration. Here are a few things to consider in order to make a wise decision.

  1. Coverage options.
    The very first thing to do when looking to sign up for a cheap internet plan is to see what internet service providers are available in your area. Different internet service providers come with different promotions, plans, and pricing. So it is very important to know what your options are and make a decision based on the factors that matter most for you, which in most cases is the price.
  2. Pricing options
    -A few wise things to ask yourself regarding pricing is: IS it a fixed price or does it change over time? How long do you have before changes in price occur? What will you pay after the introductory period? What are the charges should you choose to exit the plan?
  3. Fees and expenses options.
    A few added services and penalties can increase the amount of either your first bill or monthly bill. Common fees and expenses include:
  • Installation and activation fees
  • Monthly equipment rental fees or one-time purchase cost
  • Taxes
  • Early termination fees (ETFs) if you cancel a contract
    Make sure you put these into consideration before making a decision on what your cheapest option is.
  1. Savings option
    Due to the competitiveness of the internet industry, internet providers are always offering new saving options to get new customers and to keep existing customers. Some of the saving tactics to look out for include:
  • Discounts for auto-pay or paperless billing
  • Discounts on select plans or bundles
  • Signup bonuses (Visa┬« gift cards, a free year of Netflix, etc.)
  • Credits to offset the costs of switching from another provider
  1. Factor in equipment costs
    In order to be able to utilize your internet service, you need a modem and/or a router. These usually come at an extra charge when you rent it from your internet provider: Here are different ways to acquire your equipment:
  • Rent equipment from your provider
  • Buy your equipment from your provider when you set up your service (if available)
  • Buy your equipment elsewhere
    Consider all these possible options and decide which one is the cheapest one for you. Should you choose to provide your own equipment make sure you call your internet provider to check if it is compatible.



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