ESPN stands for Entertainment and Sports Programming Network. It was set up by Bill Rasmussen, his son Scott Rasmussen and Aetna insurance agent Ed Eagan. It’s an american based channel that mainly focuses on shows that are related to sports.

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ESPN stands for Entertainment and Sports Programming Network.

Talk shows on ESPN include:

Around the Horn (since 2002)
Highly Questionable (since 2011)
First Take (since 2007)
High Noon (since 2018)
Intentional Talk (since 2017; produced by MLB Network)
Outside the Lines (since 1990)
Pardon the Interruption (since 2001)

Game telecasts on ESPN include:

ACC Wednesday (since 2003)
Big Monday (since 1987)
ESPN College Football Primetime (Saturday) (since 1990)
ESPN College Football Primetime (Thursday) (since 1997)
ESPN Megacast (since 2006)
ESPN Major League Soccer (since 1996)
ESPN2 College Football Friday Primetime (since 2004)
ESPN2 College Football Saturday Primetime (since 1994)
Monday Night Baseball (since 2002)
Monday Night Football (since 2006)
NBA Friday (since 2002)
NBA Wednesday (since 2002)
NTRA Super Saturdays (since 2003)
Professional Bowlers Association (since 1998)
Saturday Primetime (since 2005)
Sunday Night Baseball (since 1990)

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