As a solution and better alternative for cord cutters Spectrum TV introduced their streaming service, Spectrum TV Choice. However, this service still includes the broadcast fee that most subscribers hate.
The Cable TV provider has been contacting their customers to inform them that the broadcast fee of the streaming services which is currently priced at $3 will be increasing to $5 a month. As an explanation Spectrum is informing customers that “this reflects costs incurred from local broadcast TV stations.”

Speaking under correction, at the moment Spectrum’s streaming service is the only streaming service that includes a broadcast fee, however, on the bright side, the streaming service will still cost less than $28 per month. It includes local channels, a few music channels and 10 other channels of your choice that you get to pick from a list of available channels. Although DVR is not supported without paying for a DVR box, or a cable card, you do get access to on-demand content.
Also note that in order to have eligibility for Spectrum’s new streaming service, all subscribers will also need to be subscribed to Spectrum’s internet service.



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