Note: 3D content is not available in all areas.

System Requirements
Range 3D On Demand is accessible to clients with a perfect HD Spectrum Receiver associated with a HDMI link to a 3D TV.

Note: In the event that your beneficiary doesn’t show 3D TV signals if it’s not too much trouble visit your neighborhood store area to make a trade.

Available 3D Content
To view a list of 3D movies available to rent On Demand:

Press the On Demand button on your remote control or tune to channel 1.
Select Movies. HBO subscribers may also navigate to HBO>3D to browse additional 3D titles.
Select 3D Movies to browse available 3D content.

Note: A small percentage of the population has reported nausea or dizziness while viewing 3D images. People with medical conditions like epilepsy should also use caution when watching 3D TV.

All 3D TVs can show both customary HD programming notwithstanding 3D programming. No glasses are required to see 2D programming on a 3D TV. Be that as it may, before watching 3D content on a 3D TV, the TV must be set to 3D mode. This should be possible utilizing the remote control that accompanied the 3D TV.

Notwithstanding setting the 3D TV to 3D mode, you should pick the correct introduction. Before you change your TV to 3D mode and put on your glasses, start viewing the 3D content in 2D mode and verify whether the programming you expect to watch is one next to the other or through and through situated.

Viewing Instructions:

Before switching your TV to 3D mode and putting on your 3D glasses, select the 3D movie you’d like to watch.
The 3D movie will begin after a short instructional video. Once the 3D movie begins, determine the correct display orientation by watching the movie in 2D mode without wearing 3D glasses. You’ll see two identical video frames side-by-side, or top-to-bottom. This indicates which display orientation to select.
Use the remote for your 3D TV to change your TV from 2D to 3D mode and set the proper display orientation.
Put on your 3D glasses and enjoy the movie!


  1. 3D content displaying 2 identical images:

On the off chance that there are two indistinguishable pictures on the screen (either next to each other or through and through), you likely don’t have your TV in 3D mode. You have to utilize your 3D TV’s remote to choose 3D mode and select the best possible presentation introduction. It would be ideal if you allude to your TV’s proprietor’s manual for extra data.

  1. TV displays single image, but not in 3D:

If your TV is displaying a single 2D image, try the following steps:

  • Check to make sure your 3D TV is set to 3D mode.
  • Make sure your 3D glasses are powered on.
  • Make sure your 3D glasses don’t need new batteries.
  • Verify that you’re not attempting to use 3D glasses from a movie theater.
  • Verify your 3D glasses are made to work with your 3D TV model.
  • If you’re watching a 3D movie preview, wait until the actual movie starts to determine if you’re seeing the content in 3D. Previews for some movies are only available in 2D HD format.
  1. Images are blurry

If content appears blurry and unwatchable, you may have set the orientation incorrectly when you switched your TV to 3D mode. If you selected side-by-side orientation, try switching the orientation to top-to-bottom using the remote that came with your 3D TV. If you selected top-to-bottom, try switching the orientation to side-by-side.

Source: Spectrum

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