Cover up to 10 devices in your home with no additional cost for Spectrum Internet users. Almost everyone have a computer and laptops at home for their needs. But advance technology have also allowed hackers to get into your data. Spectrum’s secure firewall prevent those attempts. It also comes with real-time protection against viruses, spyware and other malicious attacks. It detects Spyware and remove them the time they are recognized. For Windows users it also blocks unsafe sites automatically and comes with parental control that restricts children from contents you don’t want them to have access in.

Operating system requirements are either Windows or Mac.

AntiBot Scanner also scans common places malwares tend to hide in your computer.

Follow the steps below to run the AntiBot Scanner without installing Security Suite.

Download the AntiBot Scanner and click Run.
Accept the Terms & Conditions and choose Start to scan your computer and remove malware. You may be asked to restart your computer more than once.
Once the scan is complete, click Close to exit.



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