With Spectrum Guide, you can record a solitary scenes of your most loved TV appear or the whole series.

Set Recording :

With My DVR, you can record a solitary program or every single future scene of a series.

Press Guide on your remote control.

Utilize the bolt catches to explore to the program you need to record and after that press OK/Select.

In the event that you pick a program that is as of now airing, you’ll be coordinated to the channel to watch the live show. On the off chance that you need to record the live substance, press the REC catch.

On the off chance that you pick a program that is airing at a future time, you’ll have the capacity to record the scene or the whole series or look over other programming choices.

Recording Options :

When you record a scene or a series, the Set Episode/Series Recording screen will show the accompanying choices:

Keep Until: Choose to what extent you wish to spare the chronicle on your DVR.

Space is Needed: The program will be naturally erased when the DVR’s accessible stockpiling is under 5 percent.

Erased: Recordings are dynamic until physically erased.

Record Episodes: Schedule chronicles for New Episodes Only or All Episodes.

Record Duplicates: Record different airings of a similar scene.

Begin Time: Set the begin time as booked, or 1, 2 or 5 minutes early.

Stop Time: Set the stop time as booked or 1, 2 or after 5 minutes.

Note: Not all programming starts or closures precisely at the booked time. The above choices can help ensure you won’t miss the end or start of your program.



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