What is Pay-Per-View (PPV)?

Pay-Per-View offers the most recent hit films and live occasions including title boxing, wrestling, shows and elite athletics to our clients for an extra charge.

How to get PPV?
You can order it directly using your remote:

  • Navigate to the listing for the PPV event you want to watch.
  • Press the OK/Select button on your remote.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to order the event.

What is Purchase Pin?

When you put in a PPV request, you might be asked to enter your 4-digit number (Purchase PIN). Along these lines, a purchase or an exchange doesn’t get prepared without your assent. In the event that you put in a request by telephone, a client delegate may ask for your PIN. Purchase PINs can restrict PPV, On Demand and instant upgrade purchases.

PPV availability in other languages:
Spectrum offers PPV en Espanol (PPVE) so you can view Spanish versions of major Pay-Per-View events, sports (live and replay) and another programming.

Availability is limited depending on your location.

I have SD and HD equipment in my home. How does this affect my order?
If you have standard-definition (SD) and high-definition (HD) equipment in your home, you can order the same event using your remote on each type of equipment but you’ll be charged only once for the event.

If you placed a PPV order using your remote but you missed the program. Will you be charged?
If you placed an order using your remote and you miss the program, you won’t be billed for that program.

If you placed a PPV order via phone but you missed the program. What’s next?
If you placed an order through the interactive voice response (phone) or a customer representative, you’ll be billed even if you don’t watch the program. This differs from placing an order using your remote.

How to cancel a PPV order?
Contact Customer Service.



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