What is Spectrum DVR?
Your Spectrum Receiver has a worked in DVR – a hard drive to record and store a few hours of projects so you don’t need to stress over missing your most loved TV appears.

Is there an extra charge for DVR service?
Yes. Spectrum’s DVR service is available for an extra charge with a TV subscription.

How to record shows?

  • Use your on-screen TV guide to record and manage scheduled recordings.
  • Individual DVRs provide a recording and playback features to a single room in your home.
  • Recordings are scheduled and accessed from that room.
  • Most models are HDMI-enabled.

The benefits of Spectrum DVR

  • Record your favorite programs (movies, sporting events, shows).
  • Never miss your favorite show – your recordings are stored in your DVR, so you can watch at your convenience.
  • Record standard or high-definition programming.
  • Schedule recordings for a full season of a program.
  • You can watch live TV while another program is recording (separate channel).
  • You can pause and rewind live TV.

Note: You can use your own DVR with Spectrum TV, but it is not recommended. Spectrum also cannot provide support for third-party DVR systems.

Can I record On Demand programs?
No. This functionality is not available at this time.

Can I record HD programming?
Yes. You can record HD programming with your Spectrum TV in HD with DVR. If you’re interested in HD, let us know upon your order.

Can I record premium programs?
You can record programming from premium channels such as HBO, STARZ, etc. on your Spectrum DVR, as long as they’re included in your Spectrum TV subscription.

How many programs can I save on my DVR?
Spectrum DVRs come in various recording capacities. For any DVR, HD programming requires more storage space than SD recordings.



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