Restoration Efforts

Amid a crisis occasion, worker safety is our best need. As the storm clears and it is regarded safe for our technicians to come back to typical operations, harm will be assessed and repairs will be made as fast as possible. Line crews and common guide providers are put on standby as required.

Need will be given to open facilities such as hospitals and nursing homes.

Spectrum Voice Battery Backup:

Battery backup helps you stay connected during an outage.

You can forward all incoming calls from your home phone to an alternate number. To manage this feature using your handset:

  • Enter *72 and wait for the dial tone.
  • Enter the phone number you want to forward calls to, followed by the # key. Note: Include 1+ Area Code when entering the phone number, if necessary.
  • You’ll hear a confirmation tone when activated.
  • To deactivate this feature, enter *73 and wait for a dial tone to confirm your changes.



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