Did you know that if you are looking to switch service providers but are currently stuck in a contract with your current service provider you can take advantage of the Spectrum Contract Buyout offer?
The offer of course comes with terms and conditions, one of which is that you have to sign up for Spectrum Triple Play bundle in order to qualify for the offer. However, given that you are eligible, the mega cable internet provider will cover up to $500 of your termination fee.
Below are the conditions that come with the offer.

  • You must install and actively maintain triple play through the redemption process. If the triple play bundle is not available, all available services in the area must be active.
  • The redemption process is defined as the period of time from when the customer sends in required documentation to when the customer receives the check.
  • Please make sure to have your name and address on the previous provider’s bill.
  • You cannot have had Video service within the last 30 days.
    Bank statements are not eligible.
  • Your account must be current for the Contract Buyout to be completed.
    Some providers first send a notice stating your debit/credit card will be charged on a specific date, we cannot accept this. On your next bill, will receive your itemized Early Termination Charges. Some providers may take up to 30 days after sending that notice.

Now that we have that in the clear, here are the steps to follow when applying for a contract buyout with Spectrum.

  • Order and install Spectrum Triple Play (TV, Internet, and Voice).
  • Download and complete the Contract Buyout Form. (You can find the contract buyout form at the Spectrum website.)
  • Email the Contract Buyout form and a copy of your final bill from your previous provider showing the early termination fees to mycheck@spectrum.com. Please include your 12- or 16-digit account number in your email subject line.
    (When you submit your information to the Contract Buyout Team, your information goes through a verification process, which can take up to 5-7 business days. After approval, your check will arrive within 10 business days.)




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