In this economy, it is best to really look for the best option before you make any decision that may affect your pocket over a long period of time. Looking for cheap deals on cable and internet services is crucial as this will be affecting your monthly budget and expenditure. With all the available options, it can be hard to make a decision without missing something. Below we have narrowed down your option range and provided you with some of the best internet service providers to choose from.

  1. Charter Spectrum
  • Connection type: Cable
    Charter comes with some of the best deals for internet cable services. Besides in contract buyout offer, it also provides the highest internet speed in its range at a very reasonable price. Speed usually starts at 100mbps in most areas. This provider also comes with a very low start-up cost and does not come with any contract commitments. However, some of the cons of signing up with Spectrum is that customers should expect a price increase of up to $20 more per month after the first year or second year(depending on the promotion you get).
  1. Comcast
  • Connection type: Cable, Fiber-Optic
    Comcast, also known as Xfinity, provides a variety of deals to choose from. The company comes with both contract and no-contract deals and the customer has the liberty to choose which option to go for. It also comes with a low starting price and if you opt for auto-pay, this will get you a discount on your bill known as the Eco-Bill discount. However, Comcast’s economy package of 25mbps does not cater to all its users who are on a budget. It only accommodates light internet users as the download speed for this deal is only 2mbps.
  1. Frontier
  • Connection type: DSL, Fiber-Optic
    Frontier provides affordable plan options with low-cost equipment. Another perk of Frontier is that it comes with contract-free plans with a price lock. However one of the things to look into before signing with Frontier is that it doesn’t necessarily have a good record of customer feedback. Frontier scored a 56 out of 100 on the 2018 American Customer Satisfaction Index. More recent feedback includes billing concerns and difficulty changing plans or canceling service. Also to consider is that if Frontier FiOS isn’t available in your area, you may have access to Vantage Internet, the company’s DSL service. These plans are affordable, too — but you’ll get significantly less speed.
  1. Verizon
  • Connection type: DSL, Fiber-Optic
    Not only does Verizon come with high-value fiber offers but it also has special offers available to its customers. Verizon also goes a step further and waives or reduces installation fees for its new subscribers. If you decide to go wireless, Verizon offers you even more savings.
    However fiber availability with Verizon (Verizon Fios) is limited only to certain areas, i.e the Northeast ever since Frontier acquired its infrastructure in California, Texas, and Florida.
  1. AT&T
  • Connection type: DSL, Fiber-Optic
    AT&T provides broadband coverage with fast and affordable DSL. All its deal prices also include equipment charges so there is no need to add extra cost at the price you see. However, the company has one the most confusing plan structures and very volatile speed and pricing.



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