Having Trouble With Your DVR?

Try this:


Your hardware (TV and cable) is properly associated and on.

The coaxial link is associated with the outlet wall.

Ensure you evacuate any objects around the device for appropriate ventilation.

Refresh your receiver.

Unplug your receiver and plug it back in (Allow at least 60 seconds before plugging it back in)

Playback Issues:
This may be an issue with the broadcast.

Attempt this:

Ensure your DVR is turned on.

Record a couple of snapshots of a live program and after that endeavor to see the recording.

Series Recordings Issues:

Common Errors-
The arrangement recording is set up to record just new scenes. This will rely upon the kind of program you set to record. For instance, on the off chance that you attempt to record That ’70s Show, it won’t record on the grounds that new scenes are not accessible.

Once in a while, your guide will be unable to distinguish a program as new. This implies the program may not be recorded. For instance, certain news programs are not “named” as new so they would not record.

Try this:

If your guide supports it, set a manual recording.
Set to record all episodes of the program (not just new).

For further assistance try contacting the Spectrum customer service.



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