On the off chance that you endeavor to see programming that you’re not bought in to, you’ll be allowed the chance to redesign your Spectrum TV administrations. Whenever incited, adhere to the onscreen guidelines to find out about accessible TV benefit redesigns, read the terms and conditions and complete your request.

Contingent upon your gear, you might have the capacity to tune to channel 2495 to overhaul in a split second. When your request is finished, you’ll have prompt access to all channels and On Demand content contained in your new bundle or premium channel.

Note: Instant Upgrade may not be available in all location, or on all receivers.

Pin Purchase
A Purchase PIN can be made to limit moment redesign and different buys through your recipient. Clients with a Purchase PIN setup on their recipient will be required to enter the PIN amid the request procedure.

For more data on the most proficient method to set up a Purchase PIN, select your program direct beneath.

Upgrading TV Services Error
You may encounter an error screen when upgrading your TV services if:

  • Your account currently has a delinquent balance.
  • Your receiver is incompatible with the selected upgrade.
  • You currently have an open service order on your account.
  • Spectrum is experiencing technical issues.
    If you receive an error while attempting to upgrade your TV services please try again later or contact customer support.



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