When New York Spectrum customers learned that Spectrum might get kicked out of NY, they wondered what this means for current Spectrum customers, so we reached out to Robinson for answers.

Previously David Robinson reported, New York State regulators revoked their 2016 approval of the Time Warner Cable and Charter Communications merger, giving Charter 60 days to come up with a plan for selling its Spectrum cable internet, television and telephone business to new ownership.

From John S. Grek: What a mess this would make. Isn’t the Public Service Commission supposed to help the public and not hurt it? What good does this do to throw them out with no replacement? Some people would have no internet if FiOS is the only survivor. Or does it just go back to Time-Warner?

Robinson answered: Fear not. You’re not going to lose your cable television, phone or internet services that you currently buy through Spectrum, which is owned by Charter Communications.

While the PSC and Charter are having at it, state controllers additionally are requesting that Charter keep on keeping up the majority of the administrations that it gives to its 2 million clients crosswise over New York. Also, state controllers aren’t just disclosing to Charter that they need it out of the state. They’re advising Charter to discover another organization that will purchase the New York framework and runs it. Who that may be and when that may happen are impossible to say, however, it likely won’t be for a long while, on the off chance that it occurs by any stretch of the imagination.

From Lynn Draves: What happens to (those of) us that still have our cable and TV and internet from Time Warner/Spectrum?

In reply, Robinson said Charter won’t just walk away from its Spectrum customers. To do so would be a horrible business decision.

In the most ideal situation for the organization, Charter and the PSC work out their disparities and Spectrum keeps its New York tasks. If Charter somehow happened to neglect its administrations while it was battling with controllers, it would win in its battle with controllers, however, be left with a less significant business that is presumably contracting and has discolored notoriety in the eye of shoppers.

In the direst outcome imaginable for the organization, New York prevails in its push to constrain the organization to move. So if Charter begins giving its client a chance to the administration or its items slip, shoppers will quit getting them, leaving Spectrum with less paying clients and a less significant business to move.

Then a reply to the question, so then what are we customers to do? Robinson replied, Probably the best thing for customers to do is to do nothing — at least, don’t do something because Charter/Spectrum is having a tiff with state regulators.

After all, the state gave the company to come up with a plan to sell its New York operations. Even if PSC prevails, it will take Charter months to get a buyer for its operations in New York, and then several months more for those same regulators at the PSC to review whatever dead is struck-if any-and give their blessing to it.

So Charter isn’t going anywhere for quite some time or they may not be going anywhere at all!


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