The Enhanced Whole House DVR incorporates every one of the TVs in your home that are associated with your heritage Time Warner services, enabling you to watch demonstrates recorded on your DVR from any TV in your home. The accompanying survey will answer any inquiries you may have about your Whole House DVR. It will likewise clarify the progressing transforms you can expect as Time Warner Cable keeps on making the brand change to Spectrum.

Enhanced Whole House DVR Specs:

The Enhanced Whole House DVR from Time Warner Cable uses the ARRIS DCX3600-M propelled video portal. It has six tuners, 3D abilities, a 1 TB hard drive, and an inherent modem. The crate highlights the link and IR inputs and, obviously, a normal power input. It likewise has a segment, composite, HDMI, and SPDIF optical sound yields, alongside an RJ45 Ethernet port, an eSATA port, and two USB ports.

Whole House DVR Features:

  • Store up to 150 hours of HD programming
  • Record up to 6 shows at once
  • Enjoy 3D capabilities
  • Record in one room, watch in another
  • Control playback in each room separately
  • Utilize parental controls

Recording Capabilities:
The Enhanced Whole House DVR can record up to six shows without a moment’s delay. This is equivalent to most other tops of the line DVRs, with the exception of DISH’s Hopper 3, which can record an incredible sixteen shows on the double.

At only 150 hours of HD storage, the Enhanced Whole House DVR lacks the capacity of its competition. Other top-end DVRs can store at least 400 hours of HD programming, and many can store up to 800 or even 1,000 hours of HD programming.

The Enhanced Whole House DVR framework was just accessible on the best level bundle from Time Warner Cable and still required an extra $40 every month, making it an expensive alternative on various fronts.

In May 2016, Charter Communications obtained Time Warner Cable. At the point when this occurred, Time Warner Cable’s administrations were rebranded with Spectrum. Existing Time Warner Cable clients with either the standard or Enhanced Whole House DVR were grandfathered into Spectrum administration while keeping their Whole House DVR capacities. Notwithstanding, no new Spectrum clients can get the Whole House DVR administration—paying little heed to where they live.

Other Option:
Since Spectrum doesn’t bolster the Time Warner Cable Enhanced Whole House DVR on its bundles, and the standard Spectrum DVR doesn’t have entire house capacities, you should need to search for an option DVR framework or even another TV specialist co-op.

Look at our DVR Buyers Guide to discover a DVR framework that may preferably suit your necessities over the standard Spectrum DVR.

In case you’re increasingly keen on changing specialist co-ops, we can enable you to discover the administrations accessible in your general vicinity. Basically, enter your postal district in the crate underneath, and you’ll see a rundown of the TV specialist co-ops in your general vicinity, making it simple to rapidly contrast the channels and costs related and every one of the accessible bundles.


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